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The Fire & Water Ceremony is an OCU event designed to recognize freshman for completing the first year of college as part of retention efforts designed to encourage students to stay at OCU.

Speeches & Presentations

Fire & Water Ceremony, 2012 (Part 2)

Fire & Water Ceremony, 2012 (Part 1)

In an effort to increase student awareness about the importance of Service Leadership at OCU, this PSA was created as part of the reaccreditation process and aired on internal communication channels.

The PSA was written, cast, and produced by OCU students.

Written by: Steven Leahy and Moose Tyler

Shot & Edited by: Sonya Barrett


Hooked On Service


OCU Reaccreditation Informational Video


Aliens was designed to educate faculty and staff about an accreditation process the university had to complete.  Goals for the video included informing the target about the university mission statement and other what to expect during the process.

The video was aired at internal employee meetings and other internal communication channels.

Written by Moose Tyler and edited by Andy Gibson, Instructor of Mass Communications at Oklahoma City University. Original RSJ footage was edited by Sonya Barrett.



Although the client didn't go with this mission statement and brand identity in the long run, it's still salty copy.

KiZE Concepts

Energy Bites

Our Mission:

We love.

This is not marketing fluff to make us sound good. Actually, our marketing people told us not to use the word love, but we didn’t listen.  This is how much we believe in love. Love motivates, inspires, guides, and unites us. It is at the core of everything we do.

Our Product:


We make the most versatile, balanced source of nutrition in the most simple and natural way possible so you have all the energy you need to live life to the fullest.


We strip out the fillers and other stuff your body doesn’t need. If we can’t pronounce it, we won’t use it. We take it down to the basics so all you get is great tasting, balanced nutrition that works any way you need it to.


Our ingredients are simple. Nothing fancy, just high quality, 100% natural, perfectly balanced nutrition that tastes great. 


You get nine, delicious bites. Snap off a bite for a tasty treat or to curb hunger cravings. Polish off a bit more for a pre or post workout boost. Or eat the whole thing as a meal. Use the bites any way you want, any time you want so you don’t miss a thing because you’re who we designed this product for.

Our Philosophy:

We believe the key to happiness is simple – balance. Balance begins with a healthy body. You get out what you put in. Proper nutrition helps us push ourselves to live better, do better, and be better every day.

Mooseville Marketing Is A Moose Tyler Project


This ad was created for one of the largest annual trade shows in the hospitality market, BITAC West in Coronado, California.

Phoenix, Ltd.

Based in San Diego, Phoenix offers custom furniture for the hospitality market. Partnered with artisans from United States and Mexico, Phoenix has created furniture for hotels all over the country, including the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

Neurosmith Toy Co.

Neurosmith creates educational toys that use a variety of learning techniques. Magnophonics is a magnetic learn-to-read tool that sounds out words phonetically.

Nancy Morgan Real Estate


This ad was created regional and national magazines.

Nancy Morgan Real Estate Group is based in Oklahoma City and offers a personalized real estate experience from start to close and beyond.

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